Kinder septic


Kinder septic


Probiotic hygienic neutralizer for sandboxes.



Kinder Septic is a probiotic product which in a safe and natural way ensures the hygienic condition of sandboxes and playgrounds for children. The product contains cultures of probiotic microorganisms reducing pathogenic bacteria and viruses present in sandboxes, responsible for serious diseases among children.

The biological agent causes decomposition and disposal of organic contamination present in sandboxes such as the excrement of cats, dogs, and birds,which may transmit many diseases dangerous to the health and life of children.

Probiotic bacteria are characterized by a high degree of replication and settlement, they colonize the area being purified faster than do pathogenic bacteria. As a result, a natural protective layer is formed, stopping the development of pathogenic disease-causing strains of bacteria, viruses and funguses.

The package is sufficient for 10m2 surface area. Application: Spread the measured quantity of the agent evenly on the surface of the sandboxes, rake slightly. For example, for 5m2 sandbox, use of the package. Use every 2-3 weeks. The package contains: 100g of the agent, hygienization label, film glove.



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